Senior Associates



The team of lawyers at SUR LEGAL LAW FIRM began its formation in 1985 when Dr. Antonio Martinez Borrero decided to open a law office that could serve the city of Cuenca in the banking and business affairs. Progressively young professionals who, having been his students had excelled in different areas of university work, such as his partners: Santiago Jara, Pablo González, Antonio Martínez Montesinos, Marco Andrés Ávila and Pablo Jara. 

The origins of Coello & Chico Abogados go back to 1980, as an initiative of Dr. Hernán Coello García, together with Dr. MarceloChico Cazorla, both outstanding lawyers and professors, who promoted an impeccable sense of ethics in their careers. Then, new partners were added to the team, who nuanced the legal advice between the experience and the youth.

Edificio Cámara de Industrias, piso 7 y 8. Av. Florencia Astudillo / Phones: (+593 7) 2880705 / 2886774 / 2880825 /
Cuenca - Ecuador